Secure Data Recovery and Transfer Services

Secure Data Transfer Service

We use local Equipment and Applications to transfer your data. This means your data is never in “the cloud” so it remains protected and secured. Our technicians are fully Bonded and regularly vetted. Our technology allows us to transfer your data without our technicians viewing your files.

Transfer Data from Old Computer Equipment to New

We have over 18 years’ experience moving data to new computer systems. We help save you the frustration of starting off with a new Computer or Laptop but missing the data you need to be productive.

Data Backup Service

We have the best options for regularly and securely backing up your data. We have tried most of the options ourselves, to find the best for your situation.

Data Recovery

We can recover most or all data in 95% of hardware failures. Again, your data is always local so it is kept secure.

Data Security

We have done the research and have found Data Security that does not slow down your productivity. Our Data Security products are top of the line.

Data Device Destruction

This question comes up often. “What do I do with my old computer equipment?” That is a good question to consider. You do not want it to go straight to the recycling service or landfill were someone could pull the data storage and recover your data to use in a damaging way. Dallas Georgia Techs has the knowledge and the tools  to securely destroy the data before sending to the recycling company.

Contact us today to Secure, Protect and or transfer your data!

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